Mosquito sample tests positive for WEST NILE VIRUS.


Tarrant County notified the City of Colleyville on Wednesday, July 18 of a mosquito sample testing positive for West Nile Virus.

The positive sample was taken near the 200 block of McDonwell School Road. This is the first positive sample in Colleyville in 2018. The test site will be treated with larvacide and is scheduled for continued treatment and testing.

The City encourages residents to follow mosquito control and safety practices in order to reduce the risk of exposure. The first line of defense that residents can take is to reduce mosquito breeding areas around the home. Citizens should remember to not allow water to accumulate in items such as old tires, flowerpot saucers, pet dishes, buckets, or unused plastic swimming pools. Another way to reduce mosquito breeding areas is to clear debris from rain gutters and remove standing water from flat roofs.

The second line of defense that residents can take is to become aware of the symptoms of the virus. Although up to 80 percent of individuals infected with West Nile Virus have no symptoms and will recover on their own, some cases can lead to serious illness or death. Citizens over the age of 50 and those with weakened immune systems face a higher risk of becoming sick if infected with the virus. Residents should watch for mild to moderate, short lived flu-like symptoms.

Be safe out there!

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