August 28, 2020 at 10:25am | Sophie Diaz
Top 5 ideas of how to make a grand entryway for you home!

1. Crossing the Threshold - Don't forget about the look of your front door! Make it inviting, and ready for guest to enter your home. Paint is a great way to change the look.
2. Picture Window - If you have a view of something spectacular you are going to want a window that allows that beauty to flow inside the home. This can mean windows above, beside, peek-a-boo windows, and much more.
3. Everything in its Place - Don't forget about functionality of your entryway. Are guests able to stay dry if it's raining, are there places to put their shoes, how about hang their coats?
4. Tables and Chairs - Just like with everything in it's place there should be a place for people to sit down if need of a footwear change! Or perhaps to set gifts on when arriving and changing out of their coats.
5. Context is Everything - If nothing else, the entrance to your home should be a sneak peak of how you want guest view your home. The entryway should echo the look and feel of the rest of the home and make your guests feel welcome.
Here are some photos of 6209 Lantana in Colleyville.
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